George Rawlings

George Rawlings


I’m a 25 year old excited by AI robots. 

“Buying your first home is a fragmented, messy process so we’ve made friend for all called Uppie who keeps their cool and ties everything together for you.”

Jonathan Harris

Jonathan Harris


A 28 year old who loves property.

“Our generation likes things that are simple and buying your first home is far from that. Allow me to introduce you to Uppie.”

+ 11 more amazing people who work at Uppie.

Meet Uppie – your AI friend that helps you buy your first home. It’s an intelligent assistant that manages the home buying process for you. We’re building an interface that simplifies buying your first home, and making the whole process easier, from ‘mortgage application to moving-in day’.

We’re building the best AI tool ever, to shape the future of first time buying, and simplify home buying for a whole new generation of first time buyers.

Uppie makes buying your first home easier, from search to sofa.

  • Uppie tells you what you need to know, when you need to know it.
  • Uppie does it for you, when you need it done.
  • Uppie will eventually integrate with your Facebook Messenger, iMessage and SMS. Uppie will engage with you about your first home move in a simple, smart and easy way to use.
  • Uppie has your first move sorted. Uppie is powerful and pulls together everything for you. From mortgages, conveyancing, house hunting, surveys, removals, insurance, utilities and more exciting features to follow.

Take it easy.

George & Jonathan,
Creators of Uppie

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