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BuyerPrice Skill

“How’s it going? Uppie here.

– With this skill, I can cleverly tell you what any home on the market is really worth.

The ‘BuyerPrice’ skill is very useful tool from Uppie. Let’s be realistic here, the majority of homes on the market right now are overpriced hence why they remain unsold. So, unless it’s literally just come to market that day and sold instantly for full whack, we believe, you should never pay the full asking price for your home. Yes, you heard us right, don’t pay ever the full asking price so you’re going to need a tool that shows a realistic value on the home you’re looking at. This is what the ‘BuyerPrice’ skill does. 

Real-time dynamic pricing is calculated by a unique algorithm we have developed that takes into account many market factors including time on market, local supply and demand, and market sentiment.

Uppie’s invention looks at the property valuation from factors that might enable a discount for the homebuyer from the listing price. This is tailored by real-time market data and supply and demand data that causes a property valuation to fluctuate. For instance, the property may have been listed for a long period of time, or there might be an increased supply of other homes or a decrease in demand.

These factors, which can change daily, include dozens of metrics including the amount of time a home remains unsold on the market, whether it has already been reduced in price, the balance of local supply and demand and how this is trending, current market sentiment, economic outlook.

– My intelligent algorithm puts a value on any home, use for free in 3 easy steps.

How it works.

  1. Copy and paste the Rightmove or Zoopla listing and ask Uppie to ‘BuyerPrice’ that home
  2. Uppie will come back to you with a suggested value
  3. Get an explanation of why Uppie has come to this figure and use it for your negotiation

– I’ll dynamically price any home that you give me so you don’t pay over the odds.

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