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“Hello. Uppie here.

– So this is the start of your first time buying journey…exciting.

The ‘ReadyToBuy’ skill is your starting point with Uppie. It will begin by asking you to complete a quick homebuyer’s health-check to show you what you can afford and then the best mortage rates for you as a first time buyer. All in a visual, easy to understand way. The whole process will be taken care of by Uppie with ease and as hassle free as possible. Remember, Uppie has been built for first time buyers like you and has access to the whole market when it comes to sourcing the best mortgage deal for you.

– As your first time buying friend, let me show you how it works in 3 easy steps.

How it works.


  1. Take 2 minutes out to complete your ditigal mortgage form
  2. See what you can afford and get the best mortgage deals
  3. Uppie will do all the hard work

– I’m 100% free btw. No upfront fees or any nonsense like that…mortgages made easy.

Start by talking to me.
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P.s web or mobile. I’m easy both ways.

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